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Pet Preservation


Bob Dorta Taxidermy is now offering pet owners a pleasant alternative to cremation or burial for a beloved companion.  We have a state-of-the art service that allows pets to be posed and displayed in a very natural state through the process of freeze drying.  Freeze drying required minimum invasion and allows pet owners to display and enjoy a memorable companion for years to come.




    House cats (all breeds)   $650.00, plus $50 per pound over 10 lbs.  
    Dogs (up to 10 pounds)   $650.00, plus $50 per pound over 10 lbs.  
    Guinea Pigs   $175.00  
    Hamsters   $125.00  
    Parrots / Cockatiels   $250.00  
    Parakeets   $175.00  
    Snakes   $3.50 per inch  
    Shipping Instructions  

Pets should be frozen as quickly as possible and shipped in a styrofoam cooler via next day service.  Please call 239-821-3141 prior to shipping to ensure proper reception.

    Prices do not include shipping.  





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